Lygia's Interview with Channel 3 Arizona's Family Morning Show

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We are so excited to share our recent television segment on Channel 3 Arizona's Family Morning Show with Host Olivia Fierro!

We were contacted by Olivia to be on the show, as she thought Design Assistant was a an innovative concept and perfect to talk about for the Spring. We could not have agreed more!

Being on the show was a great opportunity to showcase our design point of view and share our tips and trade secrets. The segment also showed how easy and user-friendly Design Assistant is for anyone to update a room in their home - with the expertise from a professionally trained interior designer. It was an amazing experience and we are so appreciative of the support from Channel 3. We are looking forward to our next appearance soon!

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Watch Lygia on KTV Phoenix sharing her tips for a seasonal design refresh and her new service called Design Assistant:

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